Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

The Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake of 10-23-2004

Here is some information on the quake Daniel and I lived through while in Tokyo. Perusing the web, it is interesting how much we didn’t know due to the lack of good information in English the first few days after the quake.
Initial report in the Japan Times (I have the hardcopy I bought at Tokyo Station)

Story about the people on the derailed shinkansen – No Longer Active..
The most moving story of the quake is that of Mayu, Takako, and Uta Minagawa who were buried in a car. Little Uta survived after spending four days buried. Two hours after he was recovered, his mother was recovered and pronounced dead. Little Mayu’s body had to wait 15 days after the quake until it could be recovered and sent to the father Manabu who was away in Tokyo during the quake.

More Google news on Niigata

The Earthquake Research Institute at the University of Tokyo has a page with some information. No Longer Active..

And let’s not forget the good old USGS: Quake info page for the main quake (which they now have at M6.6), The also list 9 earthquakes over M5, 2 over M6 in the three hours after the quake..