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Holidays are busy days

It has been one long rough week. After having so much fun with Nathan on Wednesday of last week, it was tough getting back to the grind. The following Friday, a similar venture out with different people didn’t go quite so well – but hey, no one got arrested so it wasn’t all that bad. During the past weekend I had my last two shifts on the west side before diving into the new Buzz ride 5 days a week. This first week totally kicked my behind. I am so used to sleeping in from being a night lead most of the time that 6am-5pm shifts really wore me out. Add to that the holiday crowds as well as the fact I needed to get some shopping done, I was totally frazzled.

I did manage to get all of my shopping done yesterday. I still think that I needed to get more, but I was so worn out, I was proud that I got as much done as I did – thank goodness for the Team Center and the World of Disney!!

Yesterday (Friday), I drove out to Arizona to see my family for a quick three-day celebration. It is nice because my maternal grandparents are in town as well. I haven’t seen them as often as I should since they live up in Nor Cal, so it is nice to see them whenever I can. Also a plus, Jason was driving back to AZ from LA and we caravaned across the desert. It made the drive nice and focused. Oh, and let’s not forget that terrible smell at the Flying J bathrooms on the CA/AZ border. On second thought, I really, really want to forget that smell! Can I also say how much I love my iPod? Whether it be flying to Japan or driving to Arizona, it is so wonderful to have most of my music ready to access. Now I just need to get the rest of my collection on there.

Mom gave me the complete story on what is going on with my grandparents. I knew things are not as they had hoped to be, but in it all there was some good news and some bad news. I hope things get better. More later as I get a chance to rest and ponder cosmic thoughts.

Hope you all have a great Holiday!