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Mmmmm Electronics

I finally bit the bullet and ordered a laptop. I decided that if I really wanted a laptop that I shouldn’t just get what I could afford at the local Big Box outlet and be happy with that. I decided to take that price range and scour online to see if I could get something better. Sure enough I did – although it is refurbished. It is through the Dell Outlet. Some of my friends have had good luck through them so here is hoping! Once it arrives, I will go into great detail about specs et. al.

This morning I got fed up. I think it was from trying to remember some password to some online site somewhere. So this morning, I have been going through them all and deleting profiles and usernames. Some of the sites, I don’t even go to anymore, and others I waste way too much time on. I think this will force me to work on my own site. Or then again, I might just regress and create all new accounts. So at least for the time being it is buh-bye to all the non-Club Josh web sites.

More technology news: GoDaddy has some really good rates for a Virtual Dedicated Server. Me thinks that I will be going that route once a) I backup Club Josh locally, and b) Get everything re-done, organized and ready-to-go. I have said it many times before, but I am really not looking forward to re-doing all the photo galleries.

Work has been really good lately. Hard to believe we are on the home stretch. For me the big test is this coming weekend. I have great confidence in my abilities, but I just hate it when someone points out something obvious within five minutes. I always feel like a dork, oh well I guess its ok to feel like what you are.