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Beware of poles

I am nursing a nasty bruise. The other day at work, I was trying to do a thousand things at once that is always the first step towards disaster. I was at the Buzz Fast Pass area and I was heading out to greeter. Something caught my eye and as I looked to the left, I ran right into a pole (metal ones we use for the chains in our queues).

Thankfully, I am of the right size that the point of impact was about 2 inches above the valuables. Despite the fortunate landing point, I was still doubled over in pain. It felt like I had been shot. I later realized that I actually made impact on the eyehook of the pole, and at full speed walk, was quite the concentrated point of contact. It took a few days for the bruise to rear its ugly head.

Boy am I glad it didn’t land anywhere else. The mind boggles as to how long I would have been lying on the ground.