Club Josh

Two weeks left

Still working fast and furious (well at least for me) on the new layout. Of course with any redesign, scope creep is always a problem. I am trying to limit most of my work to the main page and the Club House section (which includes the Daily Update archives).

After six months, I finally figured out what was wrong with the commenting system. When I migrated to MT 3.x, I forgot to check the whole update guide to the new commenting system. There were a few key changes in the template language that I neglected to do. So it should be fine now.

One thing that is proving difficult is backing up the entire site. It is something that I used to be able to do on a T-1 at my old jobs, but cable modem is a bit slower. Also with the massive amount of photos on the site, it is a bit daunting. In the redesign, I really want to eliminate any dead files that are just filling up server space.