I Love Kris Cohen

There used to be a day when you type his name into a search engine and there would be a picture of me shaving his head. Now when you search it is all the way on page 3, with the first two pages devoted to his own site and his work.

Why do I bring this up? I dunno really but today as I was loafing around procrastinating (I am starting to move clubjosh to its new home) it struck me that I hadn’t emailed him in awhile. We usually go through spurts around our birthdays ruminating greatly on things in our personal lives. Then it occurred to me. I met Kris in the 8th grade which would put it about 20 years ago.. Holy Smokes!

My biggest regret is that we are not closer. He finally moved back to Chicago last month after 4 years in London – so now he is long weekend close (you are on notice, my friend). I wish we were in the same city. Not so I would bug him every day, but on a moments notice we would hang out and do something fun. It is one of those things I really haven’t had in awhile. KC is also a great sounding board and whenever I vent or tell him my crazy dreams and wishes, he always would tell me to go for it.

So anyway, Kris I miss you. I can’t wait to see you again in the flesh and catch up on all things.

Check out one of his blogs and his flickr site