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Thanks and Merci!

I was bowled over by the number of calls, letters, emails, and shout outs sent my way for number 33. It was much appreciated and for those of you who sent in your regards I thank you very much and it meant it a lot to me.
The actual day was fairly low key – a very typical Thursday just lounging around with Daniel and some shopping. The rest of the weekend was pretty action packed.

First up on Friday a few people from work along with Tiffany and Tyger came over to the Lost Bar to toast Alisa and my birthdays (hers was Saturday). The Blue Dolphin was the drink o’ da night and I would have stayed to get more liquored up, but I had to open the Little Buzz Ride Saturday morning.

After work I took a disco nap and then headed up to Sherman Oaks to visit Cory. He was throwing his annual Halloween party and I hadn’t seen him really since around A-V Day in 2003. I met some cool people at the party and of course it was great to see Cory and Peter again.

Again, I didn’t get to sleep in since Sunday I got to train my first set of new hires in over 2 years. I was excited because my trainees are great fun people and I look forward to finishing the training next weekend (don’t ask for some reason Day 2 is 6 days later!).

In the meantime, the last two days I have had the privilege to help train a group of people from the Disneyland Paris resort at Buzz. Anthony is the other trainer, but we basically are tag-teaming the group. There are some cultural wackiness that occurs when two Americans hang out with three French and one Scot. Tom who is one of the Attraction developers from DLP was only there for one day and then went off to the Studios for meetings. Fred, Sylvain, and Aurlien are with us for the duration and are a great source of fun and reminds me why I love to train.

The best part is that all I need to do is make contacts with someone at Walt Disney World, and I will know people from all of the Disney Resorts Worldwide!