Home Life

The Big Box is Gone

Today I finally bit the bullet and started going through some of the eyesore boxes that still clutter up my house. I still have a goal to be clutter free by ’06 and time is running out.

First up: The huge wardrobe box in the corner by my bathroom. This box has been unopened since March 2003 when I moved into my current apartment and had most of my posters and other wall hangings inside.

After a thorough review, 90% went into the dumpster. It was tough saying goodbye to some of the posters which have graced my walls since high school, but I decided to just keep the nicer Disney Attraction Posters and a select few movie posters. I also kept some cartography and technical drawings that I made in high school and college. Unfortunately my map of New Zealand was not in such good shape and had to be tossed.

I always love it when I get a chance to pare down boxes. One of the big problems I have is that the apartment dumpsters are picked up Friday morning, so when I get a chance to clean on Thursdays, they are already full. I think I am going to take some extra days off in the middle of the week here and there to help speed up the process.

Wish me luck – and Happy Birthday Jerri!