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December Flies

Wow. Four entries in December is way behind the curve. I wish I could say that there have been huge momentous events going on, but really, more of the same old. Fortunately Christmas mixes things up this week. For most people, it means time to kick back and spend time with the holidays. I am no exception, though my time is rather short.

Last weekend, we had the annual Christmas Dinner at Zibibbo in Encinitas, CA. Long gone are the days when we would all traipse to someone’s house, have a big meal, and gather ’round the piano and sing carols. I think my generation in the family has all gone their separate ways and no one wants to step up and take over. Plus the fact that the main Dieli line is getting harder and harder to shuttle around.

This weekend, its a nice Christmas Eve Dinner at the Father-Units. Other than that there is a TON of hours at work. Of course, it is no surprise to me since our motto is that we work while others play. My vacation is really in January when everyone goes back to school and a nice gentle breeze blows down Main Street and the guests are happy.

I treated myself to an early Christmas present – two DVD/CD sets from Jarre in China and Solidarnose Live (the Gdansk Concert). These are the last two Jarre concerts from 2004 and 2005 and I am awaiting their conversion to a format for my viewing (via my laptop). The audio on the CDs is excellent, but it is funny because most of the tracks are from the Aero album, so I think that the concerts will be the main reason for getting the sets – not the audio.

Oy and I have so many movie reviews to post on the site. At least 6 or so including Harry Potter, Casablanca, and Brokeback Mountain. Tomorrow, I am supposed to finally see Narnia, but it looks like Chicken Little and I have a date for DVD.