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Christmas Roundup

It has been a nice Holiday season. We celebrated twice – once on Christmas Eve and the other on Christmas Day. Both nights were essentially the same core – Dad’s family plus my aunt and granny. On Sunday night, Sarah and Ray showed up and the big announcement – they’re preggers! Nothing makes you feel old like your younger sibling having a baby. All in all we had a lot of fun.

Work has been amazingly busy. We have closed the entrance gates every day since Christmas. Most of the crew at the ride is exhausted, but they keep trucking along. We have been performing amazingly this holiday season, and I am plotting something good to reward them.

Now in the freaky skin item of the week: So this year I have had two bizzaro health issues – the bacterial infection in July and the amazing sty of Thanksgiving (I think that is a good name for a chapter in my autobiography). Both of these were uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Finally, I have something that is just personally embarrassing and not publicly embarrassing. It seems I have broken out in Hives. I am not sure why though. I have not changed detergents or worn anything new (except for the shirt from Granny). I have not eaten anything unusual or done anything different (except for my first trip to the dentist in three years – no cavities!). Hmm maybe an allergic reaction to something at his office? I dunno. I had suspected that the downstairs neighbor’s dog had fleas and was attacking from below, but Daniel has not had any what we call “Lady Lumps” (See the Black Eye Peas song “My Humps”) and he’s been over watching movies. Thank got for itch cream! The initial outbreak was Wednesday, and I have changed my sheets and since then there have been no further lady lumps. Whew. At least it’s cold enough to wear long sleeves.

So on the 27th of December I finally accomplished my New Year’s Resolutions for 2005 – visiting the Doctor, the Dentist, and the Eye Doctor – Woo Hoo! I have decided to better myself for 2006 I am going to challenge myself and drink a lot less soda. I want to get rid of it completely, but after asking a few people they told me that once or twice a week is ok, just not all the time. I think this will help me lose a few pounds (one cast member lost 20 pounds by eliminating soda and eating healthy on a regular schedule) as well as promote healthy teeth. And the whole benefit of looking and feeling better when I go on vacation in March is just a bonus.

I have now seen more movies than the last time I posted so my first order of business is to write some mini reviews and get them up on the site.