Australia Day 3

When we finally made it to our hotel, we were informed that since we were there early, the room was not available. So we left most of our bags and headed down to the historic Rocks section of Sydney. We had breakfast at the world-famous Pancakes on the Rocks, which serves a good breakfast! We then headed down to Circular Quay to take in some views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. We popped into BridgeClimb and tried to convince Mom to get into the spirit of things and go for it. She still was hesitant and we decided to try it on Sunday. We then hoofed it back to the hotel and were glad that the room was finally ready. We were all smelly and tired, and we all took showers that made us feel way better.

It was a bit humid (maybe just to me since I live in bone dry LA), but not nearly as bad as Hong Kong. Also the pedestrian Monkey chime from Hong Kong is in Sydney as well. Makes me wonder if this is a standard British Commonwealth device. The monkey is a little chime that goes off when the walk signal comes up at street corners. It sounds like a monkey hitting a little gong. Depending on how urgent the monkey wants you to cross the street the speed can be different.

After refreshing in the hotel, we headed down to Darling Harbour, home to one of the many shopping and dining centers in Sydney. We walked around and got ourselves a nice Harbour cruise. The cruise gave us some great video and photo highlights. After going around Sydney Harbour we headed back into Darling Harbour. After walking around, we decided to eat dinner at a seafood restaurant called Blue Fish. The fish and chips were good, but I had a bit of white wine that kinda unsettled my stomach. After dinner, we walked around a bit more and headed back to the hotel to regroup.

After relaxing for a bit, we headed for a quick walk down to the Hard Rock Cafe so he could get some souvenirs. Sadly after a walk in which the jet lag and general tiredness hit us, they were out of shirts in his size. So we limped back to the hotel and crashed. I stayed up a bit trying to find a cool place to go out tomorrow. We are supposed to meet up with one of the people who Mom knows from work. Tomorrow night is also the Big Mardi Gras parade which we plan on seeing – should be fun. Monday will likely bring a trip out to the Blue Mountains and a chance to meet kangaroos and koalas!