Australia Day 5

Today was a sleep in day! We had to prepare to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and since we were all out late last night, we decided to sleep in. We managed to get out of the hotel by 1300 and head down to the bridge. To build up spirit, we stopped at the Krispy Kreme along the way to the BridgeClimb. Upon our arrival, Mom finally decided to go for it. The staff at BridgeClimb were so helpful and understanding and really helped her get over her nerves to do the climb. The jumpsuit that you have to wear is not very flattering and a bit warm, but I am used to wearing the same thing as everyone around me.

The Climb itself was rather easy. Mom had difficulty with the ladders and one of the catwalks which you could see down to the roadway and water below. But she was a trooper and out climb leader Claire helped her out. The view was amazing and exhilarating – a truly amazing experience. After getting off the Bridge, they had some photos available in addition to the free group photo. I bought a CD-R of the photos rather than the prints. This way I could post them online as well as not get home with wrinkled photos.

We then headed around Circular Quay to have dinner. We found an overpriced Italian restaurant, but at least the garlic bread and spaghetti and meatballs were good. Of course I was wearing my white Club Josh polo shirt and managed to get 3 drops on it so it looks like I will be doing some laundry here. After a walk around the Opera House for some sunset photos, it was time to go back to the hotel. It was amazing, we set out around 1300 and by the time we got done with the climb and dinner it was already 1900.

At the hotel, we made arrangements for tomorrow’s Blue Mountain Tour. This tour will take us up into the mountains for what promises to be some scenic highlights. It was then time to crash!