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The Devil and Mr. Potts

So my roomie (the one on the couch) has smashed his car. It has been a minor inconvenience but nothing more to carpool until his dad comes out this week to assess the situation and then get him back up and running. He hopes his dad will co-sign for a new car for him, but his dad is leaning towards just fixing the old one. To top things off, he has to go up to the High Desert to resolve a problem with his bank account since someone tried to use his account from Norway. I tell you he has a swath of destruction following him around. I am convinced he mad a pact with the devil and now he is collecting the dues.

I finally decided to throw the towel in and just move the Trip Diaries section over as-is minus some of the photos just for the sake of getting the move done and to get back on track writing entries. I hope to get this accomplished this week. The anniversary is coming up and I want to be able to proclaim a re-launch by then.

Tomorrow is my first for real project shift and I am excited to say the least. I can’t wait until I’m there 100% of the time.