Home Life

Apartment Heat

One of the strangest things ever happened today. I received a notice last week that to combat a termite problem, the complex has hired a contractor to come in and heat my apartment to 150 degrees. Never in my life had I heard such a silly thing. What really caught my attention was that most sensitive items in the house – photos, CDs, DVDs had to be prepared for the heat by either massing them in low spots next to furniture that could be covered, or removing them completely from the house.

After spending a few days packing, I was finally ready. Coder got kicked out of the apartment around 8:30 (I was already at work). When I returned home, I could not believe how hot things were. The thermometer was maxxed out on my thermostat so I relied on a thermometer/travel alarm that Daniel got me last Christmas. According to it, it was 106 degrees in my apartment. Everything was warm to the touch. Even the Twinkies were warm and kind of disgusting. It took me over four hours with the windows open and fans blowing and the AC blasting to get the temperature down to 85. By that point I had to go to bed. Man it was warm.

I had planned on moving to a new place so now my DVDs et. al. I have toyed with the idea of getting a storage space for a bit since with all of Coders items here in the apartment it is feeling a bit crowded. The packing of the media seemed like a good time to pull the trigger, but its just way to expensive to get a storage spot – money which could go to rent on a bigger place.