Coder and the Car

Saturday, when I came back from lunch, I noticed that there was a notice on Coder’s Mustang that it was going to be towed. This is the car that was in the accident and has been sitting idle in the lot at the complex waiting for it to be taken away. I had been on Coder for a while to take care of it, and with his departure to Kansas for a few weeks it had to be taken care of soon. The tow sticker on the car forced the issue and we had to take action.

Granted it was 5pm on a Saturday night so our options were limited. We finally got someone on the phone that would come and tow the car away. At first they offered $600 but then after finding how many miles were on it, they dropped it down to $400. An hour later a tow truck showed up and the guy looked the car over and said there was no way he could pay over $200 for it. We knew the guy was BS’ing us and after Coder’s blood started to boil the guy finally left without the car. By then we were on Plan B which was to jump start the car and wash it so at least it looked presentable and I’d move the car over the two weeks so that the apartment complex wouldn’t tow it.

We attempted to jump the car with the roadside kit that Tara bought me for Christmas, but the jumper cables promptly fried and the car wouldn’t start. So we then called AAA to have someone come and jump the car. I then suggested to Coder that he should just ask the tow truck driver if he knew of a place where he could dispose of the car or better yet would he just take the car and do whatever he wanted to it. The driver showed up and jumped the car and then Coder decided to ask if he’s take it.

The driver was hesitant, but agreed to take it. After he got some Gatorade, he even offered to come back and give us $100 for the car. So he left and returned a few hours later to take the car and said he’d come back with the money. Coder really didn’t care if he ever saw the money, but we said OK.

So Coder took off for Kansas today and there is still no sign of the $100. The guy called once and I missed the call. I attempted to call his place a few times, but never got a hold of him. I will check later in the week. This whole experience just cements Coder in the Chaos hall of fame. Susie would be proud of him.