Home Life

Washer Dryer

I had a great time in Sacramento. It was so good to see everyone again and to drive past all the old stomping grounds. I decided on my last day up there to take photos of all the places I lived in Davis and Chico. I might post them to Flickr, but I might just keep them in an obscure folder on the computer.

The exciting news at home is that my apartment complex has decided to give me a washer and a dryer in my patio storage room. I am excited because I will end up saving money by doing laundry at home. The downside is now I have even more boxes that need to be thrown out or sorted through. I started the other night and was able to eliminate 1 box. I think I need to be more aggressive on what I am going to keep vs. throw away. I need to eliminate 6 boxes in order to fit all the boxes in the other storage areas of the apartment.

One of the boxes I opened contained all of my old college papers. I am torn as to whether or not to keep them, after all if I become world famous some library might want them. I am not even sure if it represents the complete UCD career or if its just Geography classes. At any rate, some thinning needs to happen.

The goal is to have my apartment back to normal by Saturday. Actually, I still have CDs and DVDs to re-organize after having to box them up for the termite heat event last month. I still am not 100% certain I am staying where I am since there are some new apartments in Anaheim that include a washer/dryer that are opening soon. Also, my current place has offered me the chance to move into an upgraded unit – the catch is that they are downstairs and more expensive. Right now, I am leaning towards staying put (unless Coder wants his own room in which case we will be shopping for a place) and then hopefully next year or so I will be able to move into a condo.