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Why I don’t buy nice things for myself

For a while I have been wanting to buy new business casual clothes for work since I am now working 2 days a week not in costume. I made it over to South Coast and found a couple of nice outfits and $200 later I walked out. Now, I have been trying to cut down on my spending to try and help pay down some debts and get my financials in order so spending like this is just something that I try not to do.

I felt pretty good about the clothes I bought and decided that I wanted to wear them the first chance I got. So I got all spiffy and went to work and actually got complemented a few times on my outfit. (After someone pointed out that I forgot to remove a sticker on the pants). It was not until I got home that I realized that I had leaned against some paint out at the construction site and basically ruined my new $50 pants. I was so mad. I immediately began looking on the Internet for ways to get this type of industrial paint out of my pants. I wish it was just small spots – then I wouldn’t really worry about seeing it – but these were light khakis with a big bright blue spot.

After several remedies failed to remove the spot and other marks, I pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I had just blown $50. In a last ditch effort I took it to my laundry mat and they were going to see what they could do, but they didn’t think there was anything. So if they are not successful, I will now have a nice expensive pair of pants to wear to my dad’s work.

My apartment is back to normal and I have begun trying to clean things up for Mom’s visit in a couple of weeks. I still need to vacuum as well as clean out the tub, and if I am duly inspired tonight, I will try and get some decoration **gasp** on the walls (It has only been 4 years). Then again, I don’t want to put anything too nice on the walls since it would probably fall and break.