Star Trek: Balance of Terror

I finally got around to watching the TOS episode “Balance of Terror” which was the first episode that aired over the weekend with the new special effects and the re-mastered opening theme.

What worked: The seamless integration of the effects. Had I not seen the episode the hundreds of times that I have over the last 20 years since I started collecting episodes, I never would have known that they changed anything. Granted with my Trek history, some of the effects shots were a bit jarring. The only effects shot I really didn’t care for was the cloaking of the Romulan Bird of Prey – I think it should have looked more like the TNG cloaking effect rather than the one they chose.

What didn’t work: The re-mastered theme song. Granted it was the original Alexander Courage arrangement, but it just sounded weird – especially considering the rest of the music is the original stuff. I think this “enhancement” was superfluous and not needed at all. Maybe as a bonus feature on a DVD, but that’s about it.

What didn’t work part 2: Editing for time. I HATE the syndicated chopped versions. I wish they were running the full-uncut 50+ minute episodes and not the 45-ish minute ones.

I don’t plan on reviewing all the episodes, but I will point out certain things when I see them. Personally, I am looking forward to The Corbomite Maneuver and The Doomsday Machine. People probably think I am looking forward to Arena, but there are not very many effects shots that would be upgraded – unless we see the Gorn ship!