I only have 8 months left

One of the things that I have wanted to do more than anything since I returned back to the LA area in 1999 was to go see a taping of the Price is Right. I have had many dreams about going on stage and making a fool of myself because I have watched the show for years and years and inevitably when I get onstage, I completely mess up on some easy game like One Right Price.

I came close in 1999 as some Edmunds staffers got together and we had planned to go on Yom Kippur since our office was going to be closed. (Gosh the glory days of working at a small company that could give its employees the Jewish Holidays off.) At any rate, the Wednesday before going, Bob had to be rushed to the hospital and our taping was canceled.

I have put it off for years, but now I have only until June 2007 to get to a taping since Bob Barker announced he is retiring then. I would love to go just as a possible contestant, but I think I will have to take Mandel up on his offer and just go as his guest and be ineligible to go onstage. But darn it I want to win the showcase!

Bob you have been a part of my life since even before I was born – Mom likes to tell the story that in one of the early shows in 1972 she was at a taping of The Price is Right. She was called to “Stand Up” – as they said in those days – and then when she made it to contestant’s row they sent her back because she was 8.5 months pregnant. So naturally I feel this connection with you and you will be missed.