Nintendo DS

Daniel finally was able to get a Nintendo DS lite and as a result, he has given me his old Nintendo DS so I can play along with some of the games he has. I am not one to play video games – I have neither the time nor the patience to devote to most games. One weakness I do have is driving games.

When Coder was staying at my place for awhile, he had his Playstation 2 and Gran Tourismo 4. I loved racing with him and also playing around on my own. I can’t wait to see what the PS3 version will be like.

So I was happy to find a driving game for the DS. I did not know that some DS games can be downloaded from one unit to another and played while others require both units to have the game card. I was hoping the driving game ASphalt Urban GT was one that we could share, but alas both have to have the card. It was pretty inexpensive at Best Buy, but I think I will play it a bit more before I decide if Daniel should get a copy.

I also bought Brain Age. I guess it is a game, but in reality it is a bunch of mental exercises that keep you sharp. So far my brain age is in the 50s and it needs to get down into the 30s. I really like the puzzles and challenges it has – save the one where you have to memorize words. I have never been good at that and it usually drags down my score.

Another game that Daniel and I have played is called Elite Beat Agents. It is like Dance, Dance Revolution but for the stylus of the DS. It is pretty addicting once you figure out how to make the thing work. After 5 tries I finally was able to win a round or two. I think we will be playing this one for awhile. Tiffany is coming over on Saturday so hopefully the three of us will play together.