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A Night or Two at the Academy Awards

This past weekend, Tiffany, Daniel and I headed out for another trip to the Red Carpet. One of these years, we will get our act together and enter the raffle to get seats at the actual red carpet ceremony, but in the meantime we have to settle with visiting it the night before. Two years ago, we actually got to walk down the red carpet, but this year security was either tighter or our timing was off as we were only allowed to get next to the carpet. We still posed for some photos, but they are in Daniel’s camera so it will take a few days to get them posted online.

On the actual day of the awards, Daniel and I headed over to Mandel’s house to watch the awards as well as the Amazing Race. It was nice to watch them in true HD and we had a great time with the pause button as we caught various celebs and misc others in the audience doing dumb things or making crazy faces. There were lots of people at the party and we had a pool to see who could get the most winners correct. I must admit that I am way off my game (compared to years ago when I would actually post them on the site). Several people got 15 of the nominees correct!

We stuck around and watched the latest installment of The Amazing Race: All Stars which has been awesome so far. the first two teams that were eliminated were ones that I didn’t really think should have been there – I like Kevin and Drew, but they just didnt seem ready – maybe Drew should have let Kevin pair up with someone from another team (maybe with either Gary or Dave from season 2).