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Cell Phone Down

Today I have lost my cell phone so if you are trying to reach me you will get the lovely out of service message. Just drop me an email or IM if you need to get a hold of me. I am going to wait until Tuesday to see if the place I lost it at gives me a call that they found it. Otherwise, I will go ahead and replace it. Too bad this isn’t June, I would go ahead and get an iPhone. I wonder if I could survive two months without a cell phone and just get one then.

The last two weeks I have been extremely busy with work – working 12 hour+ days that start at 3:30am. This has left little time to write the Update or do much else for that matter. Last weekend I got to hang out with Tiffany and Madyson watching ABBA videos among other things. I also got to hang out with Mandel and I was finally able to take him out for his birthday over two months late. He did show me a bunch of cool vintage Disney videos including the classic “Sandy in Disneyland” where we played follow the glass eye. The rest of the videos were all given the same critique: “You know what would make this sequence better? A glass eye!!” It was nice to chill and hang out with my friends on the weekends – it helps recharge the batteries for the long work week ahead.

I did manage to make it to Legoland for the first time. It was pretty cool – despite the advertised lack of rides for grown ups. I think with my lowered expectations it made the trip more fun. It certainly is a different theme park experience and it reminds me how far ahead we are at Disney. Legoland does need some TLC maintenance and paining throughout the park and it is certainly on the Six Flags caliber of experience (except geared for kids). I think with some good investing it could really be an International Caliber destination. One thing seemed to bother me was the encroachment of the business park or condos around the area. It seemed that you could practically rent a place and look over Legoland. I like the whole berm concept and it really seems jarring to see a office building rising over a Medieval Themed area.

Well off to search for a new phone.