But You Already Know I am not Coordinated

This week has been a rough one on the body. On Monday I was hit in the head, but thanks to my hard head I was just a bit stunned – no serious after effects. Today, I managed to run full speed into something and it caught my cheek and knocked my glasses off. I will need to get my eyes checked to see if I need a new prescription since the lenses are now scratched. In the old days, I could just get new glasses, but now I need to get an eye exam (see rant from lost glasses a few years ago).

I finally got the phone issue resolved – I now have a Motorola Q. Tim has had one for awhile now so I was able to hear about all the pros and cons. So far I am loving it – even though it has taken Daniel to figure out some of the features. I love the fact I can now sync my email with it – and it pulls from my POP3 accounts wirelessly. I wish I could link my work email to it, but alas I guess I will just have to wait until I get promoted to Blackberry level.

In other news I heard from Cooper for the first time in ages. It was great to catch up and I am glad he and the family are doing well. Talking to him made me realize just how far apart we have all become in the last 5-10 years. I think we need to organize a Davis reunion and get everyone together again – including all the offspring that have cropped up. It is scary to realize that my friends have a combined 9 kids with more on the way!!!