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Photo Updates and Bad Movie

Well I am back from a bit of a hiatus!

I went ahead and updated my photos from my two weekend getaways – Solvang and San Francisco. The trip to Solvang includes a stop over at the Kwik-E-Mart in Burbank. I thought it was rather cleverly done, despite the fact the Buzz Cola and the donuts were a little nasty tasting.

Speaking of Simpsons, I attempted to break out of my non-movie watching slump and went last night to the movies to see The Simpsons Movie. We arrived about 15 minutes early and after buying tickets and stopping at the bathroom, we ended up in the theater 10 minutes before it started. We were surprised to find the movie starting already. We shrugged it off and settled in to try and enjoy the movie. 10 minutes into the movie (or the real start time) it just stopped. I theorize that they discovered it was already running and were trying to figure out how to stop and re-wind. Unfortunately. after 45 minutes of delays and dealing with the hordes of obnoxious kids and teens in the theater, they finally told us that they were going to give us our money back.

Me and Daniel had been iffy about going to the Block at Orange to see movies lately since the patrons seem prone to interrupt movies and the quality of the facility is on the decline. After this incident (despite being comped the movie and given a re-ad for another movie), it will be a long time before we go back here. There are plenty of newer and nicer facilities out there.

One last photo note, I finally updated the Gorn page with the photos that I have taken in the last 8 months. It has been awhile and I was a little rusty getting them up, but hopefully I will get more into the groove.