A Jolt to Us All

This past week we were all jolted by the news that Doug from work passed away from a long battle with Cancer. I worked with him for a few years at my Dad’s shop and had many occasion to talk with him then and of course growing up. Doug worked with my Dad for over 30 years and was practically a member of the family. His oldest son is the same age as Sarah and so they were often visitors to my Dad’s house growing up. Doug never had it easy – there was always something going on at home or in his life. No matter how bad he was feeling (especially when the cancer first started) or whatever was going on, he would always pause and ask how things were going in my life and the ever popular what’s new at Disneyland question.

I had the honor of being a pallbearer this weekend for Doug along with my brothers. It was my second time being a pallbearer as well as the second time seeing a dead body in a casket. To be honest, it is a bit creepy – nothing what it is like in the movies – especially when its someone you knew so well. As I sit here I am looking at the picture of Doug from the funeral service and I remember the image of his body in the casket and it is hard to believe that is the same person.

Doug – we will miss you. I’m glad you will be able to spend time with Andrew.