100,000 miles

This weekend I passed this milestone for the first time on a vehicle I have driven. That’s right the old 2002 CR-V has finally passed the old 1987 Toyota as my most driven vehicle – for good reason! I love my CR-V despite some of its minor flaws (three interior lights are burned out), but other than that this has been a solid, reliable car. I am up against the wall though, since I either need to finish paying off the car by May or I need to roll this car into another one.

As much as I love the idea of no car payments, I also like the idea of upgrading to a new CR-V. I really like the new design (yay for no spare tire on the back!) and I think I can get one for about the same payments as my current one. I have been looking around at other manufacturers just to see what is out there. I have mild interest in a MINI Cooper, but I am not sure I want to drive a low profile car. Another CR-V highlight is that it has a high seating position for better visibility on the highway. I don’t really want a Prius, but I would also like a hybrid vehicle. The only one out there that even remotely interests me is the Saturn Vue Green Line, but I am not sure I would buy a first year product, especially from GM. How about a Hybrid CR-V Honda? I bet you could sell a ton of those.

The longshot could be to get my dream 2002 BMW Z3 roadster, but it is the same issue as with a MINI, I am not sure I want a low profile vehicle especially as a daily driver. Currently, Incentives are not as good as they were at the end of December, but I suspect as we approach the end of January, they will be back. Who knows, maybe at the Detroit Auto Show this month they will unveil something I really like and will wait for (VW Tiguan anyone?).