Club Josh

New Gorn Photos

I finally have added the Gorn in Europe 2007 gallery to the site. There are now 732 pictures of everyone’s favorite globe trotter for all to enjoy. It seemed weird adding the photos to the Gallery site since I already have them up on the Flickr site. I wish there was a better way of integrating the two to avoid redundancy. I could transfer everything over to Flickr, but I think in the case of the Gorn site, I like having it as its own entity and not on another server. I like Flickr for the travel photos since I can easily update them while I am on vacation. So there will be some overlap, but with the Gorn photos I actually take the time to do some photoshop work on the photos as well as re-size them. I was going to just add the raw jpg files, but that would have taken forever!