iMac Status Update

I have finally connected my iMac to my Windows PC via Firewire Cable. It blazes along at 600+ KB/s but still takes 3 hours to transfer 11GB of data. It is about half the time that it took over my wireless internet. I started to doubt whether I actually needed the files off the old computer, but I decided to put the raw AVI files from one of my home movies on the Mac (to edit with my new copy of Final Cut Pro). I decided to leave the master DVD Rendering files on the hard drive on the windows machine since if I am going to master a new DVD, I probably will re-do the menus as well. Just in case, I will make sure I keep that drive and the external enclosure I bought for it when it served as extra storage for my first laptop all those years ago.

As I have been telling just about everyone, I really, REALLY love my new machine. I know there are rumblings about a new iMac processor being released soon, but I don’t care. This machine is so far ahead of what I was using before and so much easier to boot. I am sort of impatient with the backing up of the old machine. I want it done so I can get it out of the way and get to working on some web sites!

Speaking of which, it took me forever to get my file transfer protocol running since I inadvertently locked myself out of my account trying to connect with the wrong user name. I downloaded BBEdit to use as my text editor and I am still waiting for my copy of Dreamweaver and Photoshop to arrive. Looks like I will have to use my laptop to get started on some graphics works until it arrives.

But all in all I am happy.

One more note – kudos to Mark and Jen! Jen just gave birth to their firstborn. I think that leave me and Susie as the only ones left sans offspring.