The Printer Part 2

I was searching the net on my HP printer to see if there was any residual value for it since I had planned on getting a new one ASAP. While surfing eBay, I discovered that any 952C printers that were there had USB cables included with them. I was like wait a minute, mine just has a yucky old serial cable. So i dusted off the back of the printer (give me a break, it has been awhile since I was back there) and lo and behold, there was a USB port on the back! I was happy, this means that I just need to get a USB cable to get it connected to the Mac. I then remembered that my scanner (which I still have not used since I am awaiting Photoshop) is a USB scanner.

So I took the cable of the scanner and then connected the printer to the iMac. I then read the HP support site and it mentioned that Leopard comes with all the latest and greatest printer drivers (of course) and that all I needed to do was to plug it in. So I did. Then I turned the printer on. Nothing happened. If it had been a Windows machine, thousands of pop up windows would have came up telling me that it had detected a new device and to tell it where to get a driver. Not the iMac. It just sat there, playing my Jarre songs on iTunes.

I then went into System Preferences and clicked on the Print and Fax icon. The iMac not only already had the printer installed, but there was an accurate icon of my printer sitting there telling me it was ready to go. Like it had been there the whole time. I ran a few diagnostic and cleaning options on the printer and everything seems to work fine. I then printed a photo from iPhoto to make sure it was legit and not some elaborate let’s tease the former Windows user. You know what? I don’t think the dumb printer has worked better in ages. Now I can use that money I was going to buy a new printer for something else.

Really? Can this get any better?