Kris and iChat

Today is my friend Kris’ birthday and usually each year on our respective birthdays we send each other a nice catch up email. Since I know Kris is a Mac user and I now have a lovely Mac, I sent him an email early to see if he could test my iChatting ability as well as get in our birthday catch up face to face.

After a few false starts due to a technical glitch on his end, we finally connected and chatted away. It is the first time I really have chatted with someone via the net that actually seemed like we were sitting in front of each other. Kris told me he has been doing it for years in his past work, so he was able to guide me in those first few awkward set up moments. There was a little bit of feedback from each other, but after learning to pause here and there we had an awesome chat. I always enjoy chatting with Kris, even when we were kids in Junior High together. I was a bit jealous of his MacBooks ability to be mobile during the chat. The best I could do with the iMac is a slow pan of my apartment.

At any rate, I was glad to chat with Kris and finally join the modern age and do a video chat. What is next? Broadband? Sharing videos on YouTube? Gasp!

Happy Birthday Kris!