iPhone Video Fun

I finally made it to the Apple store to get the composite video cable to connect my iPhone to my TV. Alex gas had one for ages, and now that I have a modern iPod on my iPhone I was really interested to see how it would work. I tested an episode of Kath and Kim that I gave on the iPhone as well as a video I made of Tokyo Disneyland’s Winnie the Pooh attraction. Both were a little hard to watch close up but overall they were not bad.

Next, I discovered that if I selected a YouTube video it would also play through the TV – talk about a bonus! I really want to purchase a video from iTunes to see how it compares to my videos. If it is good, then I can watch some of the Doctor Who episodes that are only on iTunes and not DVD.

The new iPhone 2.1 also seems to be better in many ways – the phone is more stable and I do get better 3G reception. Time will tell if it stays this way.