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Birthday Recap Part 2

After an eventful family celebration, I was not planning on doing anything spectacular for my birthday, nor did I expect the many surprises that were in-store for me.

First up, I found out near the end of work on Sunday, that I was going to be heading back to the Main Entrance for another three month assignment. This was quite the pleasant surprise! So on my actual birthday, I found myself back where I was over the summer – just focusing on a slightly different area. Since it was my birthday, I was wearing a Birthday Button and the whole cast working the Main Entrance sang Happy Birthday to me. This really helped make my birthday special.

Later that evening, I went over to Daniel’s and he and Tara had made me dinner and baked a cake! Completely unexpected, but it is nice to know you are appreciated. One of the best presents I got was a new analog-digital video converter for my Mac, so I can now start working on the original Dome to Dome – only 15 years later! There is a bit of awkwardness though, as some of the people in the video are no longer in the family. I haven’t watched it in at least 10 years, so it should be interesting to say the least.
All in all a great birthday!