Halloween with Charo

It is not every day or even year that I get to spend Halloween with Charo, but this year I managed to do it. David had called me up and wanted me to go up to Charo’s for a live TV broadcast on Telefutura’s Escandalo TV.

Originally before I was brought back to the Main Entrance, I would have had the day off, but since I was back in the area, my days off had changed which meant that I would be off at 10pm on Thursday, drive to Charo’s in the AM on Friday, and then make my way back to work by 5pm. That of course brought back memories of commuting to the park on Fridays from Studio City, but I was determined for it to happen.

David also had a former Beach Blanket Babylon Mariachi costume for me with a hand made mask and cape to go with it. How could I refuse??
I made it up to David’s right on time and got dressed. Sadly for me I had to squeeze into my costume which just furthers the point that I could use to drop a few pounds here and there. I had no idea, but some of David’s friends went as well dressed in fishnet, capes and masks and not much else!!

The premise was that we were at a party in Charo’s backyard which meant that David and I along with everyone else that was there had to dance around to Charo’s Espana Cani CD and hold drinks and snacks while the shoot was happening. There was a bit of a delay, but finally we were on TV. I had a clear view of the monitor and got some good air time – so much so that I wish that I had been able to TiVo the program (sadly Time Warner in OC did not have the program). Hopefully David was able to get it on his DVR.

We had a great time and even got to meet Manolo the Bull from the Espana Cani video. Everyone was super nice as always and I even had a chance to talk shop with Kjell. I really wanted to get a pose of me in costume with Charo, but she was super busy!