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Dropping the Ball

Holy Smokes!

I can’t believe it has been three weeks since I posted! Why is it that I seem to be able to post 21 days consecutively on vacation, but when I am home I just neglect the site.

Actually, I have had all of my spare time recently taken up by helping my friend Lev get his web site off the ground. As is typical with me, when I start to work on other sites, my site gets neglected.

Honestly, the last few weeks since I returned to Florida have been a whirlwind:
– I am getting used to life at the Main Entrance – it’s actually quite fun!
– I did get some bad news about something I was looking forward to doing, but I have high hopes that once we can get the economy turned around it will be back on and I will be right there to snatch it!
– Thanksgiving was a bust for me, I had these big grandiose plans to surprise the relatives, but I could not pull it together. I will just have to save the surprises for later.
– Mandel has two tickets to Kathy Griffin for sale and I snatched them up – ah the wonders of Facebook Commerce! I will be going with Daniel on 12/10/08 to see her at the Kodak Theater. Part of me wants to wear a tuxedo so I can really pretend I am at the Academy Awards.
– December is “Get achingly close to Josh and hopefully meet up” month. Kris is coming soon to visit Laura, and I am hoping for a quick drive by visit. This has potential for something even greater, but I am going to hold it in so that it will actually happen! Susie is coming to Santa Barbara for the second half of the month, and hopefully I will get some time to drive up and see her as well. Maybe she will want to bring Chuck to Disneyland?? And finally, Nathan is coming to stay with me to close out 2008! I can’t wait and I am hoping we can have a nice blend of wild crazy times and kick back and relax times.
– I am working on my first “holiday letter”. It’s hard to summarize a year in greeting card format, but I’m going to try!
More details as they develop..