There is a lot of cutting going on in my circle – not just budgets and jobs, but also the physical variety.

First up, last week Gary had spinal surgery to plus up the fluid and bone structure in his neck. He made it through the surgery and is now on the long painful road to recovery. It’s one of those situations where I wish I was closer to help out, at the same time I want him to relax and recover and stay out of the way. I’m hoping he gets well soon so we can be off on another trip with my mom.

Next up, Sarah had her second child Levi today via C-section. Everyone is doing well in the family and I hope they get home soon!!

Finally, my good friend and mentor Paul is going down on Monday for hip plussing and will be down for refurbishment thru the beginning of April. I’m interested to see if one recovers from hip surgery or neck/spine first.

Maybe Steve Jobs will beat them all.

At any rate I wish everyone better health ahead!