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Still Alive!

Man what a crazy month it has been! Since my return to Guest Relations at the beginning of May, my life has figuratively and literally been turned upside down. The main reason figuratively is that I have been working Grad Nites and closing shifts which really throw my internal clock off and it takes lots of sleeping and general lethargy to get back to any sense of reality.

The biggest change literally was Daniel’s accident on May 13. Most of you know via Facebook or Twitter, but Daniel fractured his right femur on May 13 and was admitted to the hospital and had to have surgery to insert a metal rod and some pins into his leg in order to get it back into tip top shape. Unfortunately, it has resulted in a 3 month recovery period which will last for most of the summer.

Daniel spent 6 days in the hospital recovering from surgery, and is now living with his parents since he still cannot put any pressure on his right leg. Since he is pretty much a hermit in his parent’s house, I have been spending a bunch of time over there in my off time. It does not leave time left for much else, especially in the beginning.

I think in the last week, I have really settled into a routine where I can visit with him, and still start to take care of the laundry and other chores around the house (and web sites!!). Of course, my body finally forced me to take a break, and I had a minor cold this week and really had to hit the Day-Quil and take it easy.

Thankfully, I have recovered enough for the big wedding this weekend! I’m happy for Matt and Steve as they finally get to celebrate their marriage from last year. Daniel and I planned to attend in his new Prius, but it looks like we will have to go another time, once he can drive and actually buy his new Prius. The time in Sacto will also allow me to get some other web work done without all the distractions on my iMac.

Should be a fun weekend, and I will try and post photos and updates while I am there.

Website note: I hope to have the new homepage pushed soon, so you can follow my Tweets right here. I think I like more Twitter updates than less, so I think I will post 3-4 tweets instead of the one status update I originally planned to do. I think at that time I will also unlatch Twitter and Facebook…