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Europe 2002 Rises from the Dead

Josh and the Gorn with the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum

This long-lost trip has finally come back and is posted on Flickr. I still need to somehow re-construct a mini trip diary since the notes are gone from all but the first three days. 

This was a trip that was something of a repeat of my 1996 trip, since it was a short quick trip to London and Paris. I re-visited some of the same places again in 2007, and puts me right on track to revisit just in time for the 2012 Olympics. Looking at this photo compared to the one in the Club Josh banner, it looks like someone has filled me and the jacket with air!! I think it must be the weight I have gained in the 7 years since the photo was taken.

(ed note: Flickr is going away and the new Europe 2002 album are hosted here at Club Josh in the Trip Diary pages)