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Back in the Swing

I have been back from the Southeast for a few days and am settling back into my vacation-at-home routine. I smartly took an additional week off from work to get my vacation accrued balance down so I would not lose vacation time. It does feel weird not going back to work after a few days, but I got over it fast.

Not sure what I am going to do until next Tuesday. I want to get out of the house, but I have a lot to do around here. If I was smart, I would do some hard core pre-Winter cleaning, but that is no fun. The biggest thing I am looking at is how to spend my Coinstar cash at Amazon. I just need to pull the trigger and get it done. I have already done some post-vacation work on the web site – just check out the What’s New blog to see what I have done so far..

I am a bit nervous going back to work as long time readers know, things at work tend to go crazy when I am gone, so I am waiting to see what sort of things I will deal with when I return. Crazy tidbit? Today is my 8th anniversary at Disney, and I do feel that I am approaching a crossroads in my career there. It will be an interesting few months and hopefully things will work out for the best, whatever I decide to do.