Club Josh

Happy 15th Anniversary

Just a quick note to celebrate my 15th Anniversary here at Club Josh. It all started as a misc directory on a test web server at UC Davis, ping-ponging around on a couple of local ISP servers in Northern California before finally settling on back in 1999. There have been more than a few lean years where updates have been few and far between, as well as the big huge updates and changes that have occurred.

I have spent many entries and updates hoping for changes here and there, and someday I hope to actually do them. The web continues to evolve as I have, and my priorities have shifted, so there is no telling which direction the site will take. Fear not, there will always be a Club Josh, even if all digital media gets wiped. It certainly would make a nice coffee table book.

Thanks for continuing to visit, and hopefully I will get some time and do something real exciting soon.