Pennsylvania 2010 – Day 4

Today was the day that we were all waiting for – Hershey Park!! We set off about 9:30 for the park, and made a quick stop at the Giant Supermarket to get discount tickets for the park. It saved us a whopping $10, but well worth the detour. Breaking out rule of bad turns, we actually found the park easily and discovered that there was a huge RV show going on next to the park.

After parking, we stopped at Hershey World. We intended to sign up for the “Create Your own Chocolate Bar” tour for later in the day, but they ended up selling us a ticket for right away. We all had a great time learning how to make our own Chocolate Bars. Currently they only have milk chocolate, but they plan to expand to Dark and White Chocolate. You also get to create your own packaging. I was a little disappointed with mine, but mainly because I typed “Club Josh Candies” when I should have typed just “Club Josh”. Our candy bars looked delicious and I can’t wait to try them. My chocolate bar contains chocolate chips, cookie crumbs, and puffed rice. We then checked our candy bars into the bag check so we could head into the park.

Daniel had been to the park before when he was younger, and he also had downloaded the Hershey Park App for his iPhone. I was very impressed with what they had (they even have a WiFi Hot Spot where you can download it in the park) and Daniel had made a list of rides to go on. We went on the Super Duper Looper first, and then hit up several other coasters and attractions while we waited for Susie and Chuck to arrive. One of the scariest we went on was the Storm Rider, which launches you at 70MPH up a huge incline and then down and around some crazy twists and inversions. I thought my glasses were going to come off at any time. We finally met up with Susie and Chuck after the Monorail, and it was great to see her again after several years.

We spent the rest of the day gabbing and going on rides and visiting Zoo America, a small wildlife park that is included with your Hershey Park admission. My favorite ride at the park was Lightning Racer, a racing wooden coaster that Daniel ended up with a small kid next to him at a parent’s urging (since we were both parties of 3). Daniel’s favorite was the Super Duper Looper, a classic coaster. After a full day of fun, we headed back to Hershey World to do some shopping. I realized that there was no Hershey Park souvenirs there, so I headed back to the park and utilizing my Zoo America hand stamps, went to the shops. They told me that since it was the end of the season they did not have anymore Hershey Park sweatshirts so I had to settle for just refrigerator magnets. I caught up with everyone else and we decided to have a nightcap at the Olive Garden.

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and made our plans for the AM. Tomorrow is Three Mile Island and Gettysburg and hopefully a trip to West Virginia!