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Tohoku: One Month Later..

I can’t believe it has already been a month since the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake struck on March 11, 2011. The country is still reeling from aftershocks, over 50 m6+ since the m9 mainshock struck. Already, PBS’ NOVA had a show on the quake called Japan’s Killer Quake which was very good. NatGeo and Discovery also have their Quake specials coming – NatGeo’s is this coming thursday, and Discovery will air MegaQuake: The Hour that shook Japan on Sunday April 24. The DVR is all set to record and learn about the quake, and I hope you tune in.

One of the most interesting part of the Tohoku quake is how well it was documented on YouTube. From those first few short clips of violent shaking, to the massive tsunami waves hitting Kesennuma Port. Below, I have attached some of my favorite clips from the quake just to give you an idea of how it unfolded.

First up: One of the first videos I saw of the quake itself was from this family in Sendai, not too far from the epicenter of the quake..

Next: Quake footage from inside Tokyo Disney Sea

Next: This was the first time I ever saw liquefaction happening in real time:

Next: This footage from Al-Jazeera shows the NHK World footage which was the first tsunami footage I saw that night.

Finally: Here is the unbelievable footage of the Tsunami striking Kesennuma port:

There are so many more videos, to many to list here, but I recommend you spend some time at YouTube’s Citezentube Japan Earthquake playlist just wandering around taking it all in to really get the sheer scope of the disaster. There are plenty of Fukushima explosion videos, as well as more of the initial shaking in Tokyo and other sites around Japan.