Club Josh

Sometimes you hit a wall

After making good progress, I’m frustrated with how my migration is going. Now I remember why my site loses chunks whenever there is a server issue. Over time, various programs and software that I’ve been using have been upgraded, and as I migrate and attempt to recreate some sections of the site, things keep breaking left and right.

So far the Daily Update, What’s New, and Trip Diaries have been converted to WordPress, but I am not happy with any of the templates I have attempted to implement. Of course, I really need to design and create my own custom templates, but I have neither the time or patience to get that accomplished. The data was the hard part, so I can always launch a new site and tweak the design after it how live.

The Gorn Page represents the biggest challenge as I am attempting to go from version 1.5 to 3 of Gallery. I attempted to try to convert the site to WordPress, but I seem to be limited with the amount of photos I can input. The site is currently close to 200MB by itself so I am sticking with Gallery and will just reuse the old customization. I’ve attempted twice to get the 1.5 version to work on the new server with no success. At least I am relearning how to get into a unix server in a shell environment. I’m sure 1998 Josh could get this site up faster that 2011 Josh!

So taking a break for now, I have a little over a week before my next trip, and i am cutting it close to try and get the new site up before I leave. Since I will be on a working vacation, it might be just what I need to get the site relaunched!