Puerto Rico 2011 – Day 2

Today we spent the entire day in preparation for the big meeting. The funny thing about working in a room that only has partial exposure to the elements, is you really lose all track of time. We got a lot accomplished as we get ready for tomorrow when all of the doctors and venders show up. I think we have narrowed down our fun plans for Sunday and Monday, but still are not 100% sure where we will end up.

The higlight of the day was when Mom and I had a nice lunch to ourselves outside of the hotel in the breezeway. The wind has been gusty and the seas have been choppy the entire time we have been here, and as we were eating, the wind started to pick up. Our waiter even brought our food out while walking backwards so it would not get blown off the plate. As we were eating, Mom had to fight with her salad, as the wind turned the lettuce leaves into little flags that kept flapping at her face. It was pretty hysterical!

The rest of the day was back in our room sorting out odds and ends. For dinner, we ate at the hotel Italian Restaurant called Voga, which features home made pasta that they make in the lobby down from the stairs that lead to the reataurant. It was the same place we had the buffet breakfast in the morning and as Mom pointed out, looks completely different ambience and color wise from the AM. I enjoyed the Chicken Parmesean which was great and I even had a little bit of leftovers to go im my fridge in my room.
Not a lot of photos today, but I did manage to get a shot of me on the beach which I will upload soon.

Tomorrow promises to be more of the same, with the real action coming this weekend.