Club Josh

Welcome Back!

A lot has happened since my trip to the Pacific Northwest back in September!

As the three people who are left reading this site know, I was forced to change servers and despite my best procrastination it actually happened under my feet. There was a three day downtime followed by actually wiping the server clean and starting from scratch.

The Gorn Page and the Jarre section are the only things left running, and the Gorn Page took a few days of actual hard work to get up and running on the new server. A new site always makes me look at the old site and think what do I want to keep going. The answer is the stuff that is most important to me: The Daily Update, The Gorn Page, Jarrepalooza (cuz it’s easy to maintain), The Club House (although this is folded into the main Club Josh site as the About Page), Trip Diaries (always wanting to be better, they are finally forced to be it!), and maybe a few other small bits.

The whole site will not be whole for awhile, but I will try and write a few blog posts from the past to cover the time that the server was down. A lot has happened, and I will search through my tweets to see if I can capture the best of it!