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The Year That Was 2013

Looking back at 2013, it was a fun filled year that was full of new adventures, a major personal accomplishment, and the re-launch of this web site you are reading!

January and February started off with the loss of my step-grandmother and one of my heros, Huell Howser. I am not one who ever thought I would be going to a public memorial for someone that I did not know personally, but I felt the need to mourn Huell’s death with the people who loved him the most, the subjects of his shows, his friends, and his fans. In keeping with Huell’s spirit it was a bit quirky with a sing-a-long of California Here We Come, but it was nice as we all stared off at one last California’s Gold sunset. My step-grandmother finally passed away after years of suffering and though a loss is never easy, it was good to know that she no longer had to endure the pain.

After another Doctor Who convention, travel season kicked into high gear. I finally was able to attend Spring Training in Arizona for the first time since my Mom moved to Arizona many, many years ago. We saw the Angels play the Giants which was fun despite the lack of stars so early in the schedule. Several months later I made the trek to San Francisco to see the Giants at AT&T Park for the first time. It was a great experience despite the Giants losing the game.

In addition to some side trips around Southern California, Daniel and I adventured out to a bunch of National Parks: Death Valley, Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Pinnacles. In addition we made stops at Monument Valley, Cabrillo NM, and Grand Staircase-Escalante NM. I love road trips and being out in a part of the world where the only way to navigate is with a paper map and not a cell phone. I hope to visit Arches when I have more time, as I really fell in love with that park and would love to explore the area around Moab some more and make the hike to Delicate Arch and not just the viewpoint.

There was a side trip to Georgia for Gary’s birthday which was a lot of fun as not only did we celebrate, but I got to visit another NPS unit – Kennesaw Mountain, but also the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library. I finally saw the Pet Shop Boys in concert which was amazing and long overdue! In the middle of all the traveling, my good friends Eric and Arthur got married and it was great to be a part of something so meaningful for such good people. My Niece also got hitched at a baseball stadium which was wonderful as well.

By far my biggest accomplishment was running in a 10k race at Disneyland with my friends. I wrote earlier this year on it, so I won’t repeat it other than that I am still proud of this accomplishment.

So 2013 was a great year personally, and I can only hope that whatever lies ahead in 2014 will be as good. I’m sure change is coming (it stalks us throughout time and is good as long as we remember who we were before – I think that is from Doctor Who!) and I will be ready!