Club Josh

Downtimes Are A Pain!

Today has been a pain due to some sort of database issue on the site. If you can read this, it means that thankfully the site has been fixed and is functioning normally. I’ve experienced a lot of server errors in the last couple of weeks, especially when I am getting ready to post. The server likes to hang and then return a 500 error.

If there is one good thing, it really has reminded me to back everything up more regularly. I realized I didn’t have a good backup of the site since it was relaunched. I have now remedied it (although difficult to do when the server is going bonkers, I was able to FTP a bunch of the template files) and now have backups of the databases as well as the WordPress and Gallery sites.

I think I will keep putting around on this server for a bit longer, but I think my future might lie with another provider down the road if performance doesn’t improve.