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It’s Almost Gallifrey One time!

Next week is the North American Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One! This will be my 6th consecutive convention – a record for convention going I think going back to my 1980s Star Trek convention days. I really love the convention, even though sometimes I feel like an outsider since I don’t mingle as much as I want. I’ve always seen some friends from work at the conventions and then of course the “regulars” that we see every year.

As Doctor Who has grown in popularity, planning for the convention has had to begin almost as the last one ended. I was able to snag tickets before they sold out and this year we are staying two nights at the hotel so to be in the mix. Last year we stayed over on Saturday night and it really was great to not have to drive home after the events on Saturday.

In an effort to force myself to interact, I’ve purchased some convention ribbons to hand out and trade with other attendees. Also for the first time I have pre-ordered my celebrity photo booth times so I can have more petty cash on hand at the convention and hopefully get some more cool dealers room items.

Just over a week to go! Can’t wait!