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Iron Man (2008)

After holding out, I finally caved and sat down and watched the first Iron Man movie. Somehow, I had managed to see Captain America and the Avengers, both of which I was pleasantly surprised to enjoy. Of course not knowing back stories, I was confused, but not to the point where I could not enjoy the film. I am not a big comic book adaptation nerd, although I have enjoyed the first Batman series, Superman series, the first couple of Spiderman films, and the first three X-Men films (at which point I just got lost and gave up). I still don’t understand why there isn’t a Superfriends movie (and really it should be called Challenge of the Superfriends with the Legion of Doom)?

At any rate, emboldened by my enjoyment of the other two Marvel movies and the fact I still get a DVD from Netflix (last one sat in my house for almost a year..) I decided to queue up all three Iron Man movies so I can get caught up. I was advised to try and see all of the Marvel Universe movies in order they were released, so I might need to throw Thor in there at some point. (I have no plans for The Incredible Hulk at this point, but ask me again when I’m done..)

Iron Man turns out to be a pretty good movie as well – I enjoyed it as much as Captain America and it was nice to see how they set up the character. I wonder if they had made this movie in another decade if it would be some other group that attempts to kill Tony Stark. The movie kept my interest for the full two hours which is pretty impressive in this day and age (especially at home). I enjoyed a bald Jeff Bridges and even Gweneth Paltrow in the movie.

I think when I see them all I will have to do a full ranking. It’s too early to rank the first three that I have seen, so when I complete Iron Man series I will attempt to place them.