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Live Video in 1995

One of the first “live” videos I ever saw broadcast on the internet was back in 1995(!) and it was the Jarre Concert for Tolerance on July 14, 1995 at the Eiffel Tower. I remember being able to stream the show for a bit at work when it was live and then being able to go home later and download a Real Player version of the file that was super small but back in the 90’s it looked huge on my monitor.

Thankfully, someone has uploaded the beginning of the concert where you can enjoy the famous repeating “0” as they wait for the jets to fly over (it’s Bastille Day ya know). After the countdown, Jarre starts playing Chronologie Part 6 to get the party started. The rest of the concert is pretty awesome as well (who can forget the huge opera singer singing Chronologie Part 3?) but the opening is what sticks with me the most.

I love that some of my old VHS tapes have been digitized by others for me to watch online. I do however want copies of my tapes on my hard drive so I can watch or synch to my tablet or phone and take with me everywhere!