From the Archives: Hiroshima Japan

One of the non-Disney highlights of my March 2004 Japan trip was the visit to Hiroshima. I still need to type my notes for this day, but it has a scary 20 minutes where Daniel and I were separated at Tokyo Station which caused us to miss our first train to Hiroshima. As a result we had to leave 90 minutes later which caused us to only have about 2 hours in Hiroshima before we had to get back on the train to Tokyo. It was a memorable day riding the Shinkansen down Honshu and changing trains. I’m amazed we didn’t get lost and we had a great time.

Here are some photo highlights (and I promise to type up the trip diary soooon!)

Old vs. New Shinkansen:

The Atomic Dome – where the A-Bomb exploded over the city in 1945:

The Peace Park: